Washroom Design Ideas

A washroom (also known as powder room or half bathroom) is usually small in size. As it is mainly used by guests, why not enhance the decor by using some of these washroom design ideas?

black & white marble modern half bathroom designs

Black & White Marble

Marble is a classic and elegant choice for your washroom. It works well in both contemporary and traditionally styled rooms.

accessorise with lamp washroom design ideas

Accessorise With a Lamp

Washrooms are often treated as a practical area. Including accessories to your decor, such as a lamp, you can instantly give the room a cosy feel.

contemporary design half bathroom designs

Contemporary Design

If your washroom is small, try creating a contemporary design. Think neutral colour palette, simple and clean lines, natural materials and modern styled fixtures.

luxury bathroom rainwater showerhead

Dark Grey & Chrome

Dark grey walls will create a sense of sophistication in your washroom. Teem it with modern chrome fixtures to enhance the elegance and beauty.

cosmetics on bathroom vanity washroom ideas

Include Some Cosmetics

The use of glass canisters can give your washroom a sense of luxury. These can be used for liquid soap, hand cream, scented candles or even cosmetics for your guests to enjoy.

dark stone walls washroom design ideas

Dark Stone Walls

Stone walls are popular in washrooms. Whether it is a natural stone or a faux stone, it will add luxury and texture to your room.

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