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There isn’t anything better than coming home from a long stressful day at work and relaxing. One of the best places to escape is the bathroom. A bathroom that has been well-planned out and is stylish can make relaxing more enjoyable.

When planning a bathroom remodel, many people overlook the toilet.

Quality Bathroom and Toilet Renovations and Replacement in Sydney NSW

Why You Should Replace Your Toilet

If you are renovating your bathroom, you will want to replace your toilet. The existing toilet is probably old and outdated. You don’t want to skip replacing it. Leaving it can take away from the aesthetics of the renovation.

After all the work that has been done in your new bathroom, you will regret not updating the toilet.

Reasons that Toilet Renovations in Sydney are Required


Even if your toilet is working fine it may be costing you money. Newer models have been designed to be more efficient than older models. Replacing your existing toilet can save water, in turn, saving you money. Some models even have a dual-flush feature. This feature allows you to partially flush when there is only liquid waste, or fully flush when there is solid waste.


If you are experiencing recurrent clogging, you have an issue. Clogging is not uncommon, but when it happens often it needs to be dealt with. Old low flush toilets experience clogs frequently. Replacing it with a newer model may help eliminate blocking. They are more effective and efficient.



Toilets are made out of porcelain and can experience cracking. Your toilet may continue to work fine, but leaks are inevitable. Once the water begins to leak out you will have to deal with damaged floors and mould growth.


Moves Back and Forth

Some toilets are screwed to the floor. If the bolts become loose, the toilet can wobble. In some instances, the bolts can be tightened to fix the problem.  Other toilets are concreted in, if these are rocking your toilet could b unstable.However, wobbling can also signify that the floor is damaged or rotting.


Constant Repairs

Your toilet should have to be repaired constantly. If you are constantly dealing with toilet issues, the toilet needs to be replaced. Over time, you will end up spending more money fixing the issues than you would by replacing the toilet.

It’s Inefficient

If you have an old toilet, it is probably wasting water. Older models use generally use between 11 to 17 litres. Newer more efficient models use less than 7 litres.

Noticeable Damage

Toilets get a lot of use and can get damaged. Scratches and chips can make a toilet unsightly and difficult to clean.

Mineral Deposit Build-Up

Mineral deposits can be very hard to remove. After a while, the buildup can get to the point that it is making your toilet inefficient.


Your toilet also has metal components. These parts can rust and wear out over time. It is possible to replace some of the parts. But if there is a lot of rusting, you should Quality Bathroom Renos to replace your toilet and renovate the room.

Is Always Running

If you constantly hear your toilet running you have an issue. It could be the fill valve or the rubber flapper. If you have replaced these and it is still running your tank may be damaged.

Hire a Professional for Toilet Renovations in Sydney

Nothing lasts forever and this includes your toilet. Age is usually a factor for those who are considering toilet renovations in Sydney. But it isn’t always the case. Issues arise, and models go out of style. When you are ready to replace your toilet, call in a professional.

Replacing a toilet might look easy, but there is a lot of work involved. If a toilet isn’t installed properly, you can damage the porcelain, experience leaks, cause structural damage, and end up with mould growth.

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