Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Having a small bathroom does not mean you have to compromise on style. Clever layouts and storage features can give you the sense of space even in the smallest of rooms.

glass shower wall in small bathroom

Glass Shower Wall

Keep your shower screen frameless. A glass wall divider creates an open view which makes the room feel spacious and inviting. 

add skylight in small bathroom

Natural Light

A small bathroom can seem larger when there is natural light streaming in. Skylights are a great way to increase the lighting and give the feeling of openness.

feature wall in small bathroom

Feature Wall

Having a feature wall not only gives your bathroom character it will direct the focus on the feature rather than giving attention to the size.

use mirrors in small bathroom

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a popular way to add depth to your room. You dont need to stop at just a hanging mirror. Consider using mirrored cabinet doors or add a full length mirror if space allows.

wall recessed storage in small bathroom

Wall Recessed Storage

Storage is often a problem associated with small bathrooms. Recessed shelves provide space without congesting the room. Add lighting to create depth and character.

white marble wall -small bathroom

White Marble Wall

Nothing screams luxury like marble. Having a white marble wall will give your small bathroom a larger feel.

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