Bathroom Fixtures & Fittings Design Ideas

Fittings and Fixtures can set the tone for the design and style of your bathroom and can be the difference between an ordinary bathroom and one of luxury. Use these ideas to inspire creativity to create your perfect bathroom.

heated towel rail bathroom renovation

Heated Towel Rail

Towel rails are a necessary fixture in bathrooms so that your towels remain neat and aired after use. Having a heated towel rail gives you an added luxury. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit the decor and space of your bathroom.

concrete bathroom vanity quality bathroom renovation

Unique Bathroom Vanity

Having a unique vanity can give your bathroom the lift your looking for. Consider remodelling an antique piece of furniture by adding a basin to create a vanity that would be exclusively yours.

black tapware bathroom renovations

Black Tapware

Why stick with traditional tapware? Black fixtures are becoming popular in modern bathrooms. They team well with white surrounds or you could add some timber to bring some warmth into the room.

gold tapware in bathroom

Gold Vintage

Gold vintage never goes out of style. Brass and gold shades add depth and create a luxury feel. Fixtures in these warm shades can be complimented with light fittings, mirror frames and furniture pieces.

oval bath and basin luxury bathroom

Oval Shapes

Looking for a modern design for your bathroom? Move away from the traditional shapes and add a modern edge with an oval shaped bath and basin.

floating toilet hidden cistern renovating bathroom

Floating Toilet

If you want a modern bathroom with a sleek aesthetic, a wall-mounted toilet is a must. The cistern is hidden behind the wall which makes the room more visually appealing.

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