Elderly & Disabled Bathroom Design Ideas

When designing a bathroom for the elderly or disabled the most important aspect will be safety. Each person’s needs will differ and the bathroom design should cater for this to make the space user-friendly. With a little planning, this can all be achieved whilst also creating a space of quality and luxury. 

wall hung basin disabled bathroom design ideas wheelchair access

Wall Hung Basin

Having a wall hung basin will allow space for a wheelchair or walker if necessary. This feature also keeps the floor space free to make cleaning easier.

shower seat bathroom design ideas for elderly and disabled

Shower Seat

Shower seats are important for those that have difficulty standing for long periods of time. Consider having a foldable seat attached to the shower wall so that it is out of the way when not needed.

toilet support rail bathroom safety for disabled and elderly bathroom renovations for seniors

Comfortable Toilet

The elderly often require assistance when it comes to sitting. Having a raised toilet will be helpful for those that have reduced mobility. Adding handrail support gives an added measure of security.

adjustable shower head in bathrooms for the elderly and disabled

Adjustable Showerhead

Hand held showerheads are greatly beneficial to those with mobility issues. Having a slide bar allows the showerhead height to be adjustable to allow for seated or standing positions.

plush chair in bathroom for elderly and disabled

Add A Plush Chair

If the space allows, why not add a bit of luxury into the bathroom. A plush chair is not only practical but will also enhance the aesthetics.

shower without door safety for disabled and elderly bathroom design ideas

Remove The Shower Door

Is it possible to design your bathroom to accommodate a door-less shower? Be sure to keep the floor flush so that accessing the shower with a wheelchair or walker will be easier. 

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