Here is our complete guide for choosing the best bathroom plants in Australia. Houseplants have almost become a staple for decorating indoor living spaces.

Whether dangling, delicate or decadent, houseplants can transform a space by adding luscious greenery to contrast modernised furnishings and finishings.

As we continue to move towards a more indoor based lifestyle, investing in creating a serene, relaxing environment for you and your family is essential to making your home a place of calm and enjoyment.

One such space we often frequent in our households is the bathroom, and choosing the right plants takes some know-how due to higher humidity and less sunlight.


What Makes a Good Bathroom Plant?

What Makes a Good Bathroom Plant

A bathroom is a place where we relax and ground ourselves at the start and end of every day. By adding plants to your bathroom, you can help enforce that sense of tranquility and create an oasis of relaxation and calm for your ultimate enjoyment.

The best bathroom plants can thrive in the bathroom and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Here are a few base concepts to consider when choosing the best bathroom plants:

    • The bathroom is often a more humid environment with fluctuations in humidity
    • There usually tends to be less sunlight and natural light that enter the bathroom
    • The bathroom is a clean space which means you’ll want your plants to create as little mess as possible
    • Having low maintenance plants in the bathroom is ideal to ensure you’re not spending unnecessary time there


    Plants that Adapt to High Humidity

    Having plants in your bathroom can help with reducing damp, and moisture build-up in the air. There are certain plants, which we will get to shortly, that are native to areas with higher humidity levels and therefore have adapted to absorb a bulk of their moisture needs from the air around them.

    Ultimately leaving your bathroom dryer and well-kept. You can also reduce humidity by frequently opening any windows or doors to help the moisture escape the room faster.


    Plants that Survive in Less Sunlight

    When choosing the best bathroom plants, it is essential to consider plants native to wetter, darker environments to combat the lack of natural light bathrooms usually present.

    Many luscious and exotic plants come from habitats such as the rainforest and are accustomed to these harsher environments, so there are options for your washroom.


    Provides Natural Fragrance and Improve Air Quality

    Choosing suitable pots for your plants or going with the hanging plant aesthetic for your bathroom will help eliminate mess and keep things spotless.

    The best bathroom plants can also help keep the air cleaner by adding some natural fragrance and improving the overall air quality by producing oxygen and eliminating toxins in the air.

    Choose Low Maintenance Plants

    The best bathroom plants require little maintenance. Ideally, you want to choose plants that don’t need much soil as it could spill onto the floor and don’t require regular watering as they pull a lot of their water from the air itself.

    Also, having plants that don’t drop their leaves often and don’t need much pruning is ideal.

    Having all these bases covered will ensure you are not wasting unnecessary time in your bathroom, and you can be at ease that your bathroom beauties are self-sustainable and living a healthy life, even when you’re not there.


    10 Best Bathroom Plants

    10 Best Bathroom Plants in Australia

    These plants will offer you sustainable, aesthetic choices for your bathroom, many of which come from tropical habitats and will therefore be able to thrive in your bathroom.

    Epiphytes are also an excellent option, especially for hanging baskets, as they draw moisture from the air and not from the soil.

    Here are the top picks for the ten best bathroom plants:

    1. Aloe Vera

    Tough and requiring very little maintenance and watering, the Aloe Vera is an excellent option for the bathroom as it loves humidity. This plant only needs a little indirect sunlight, so placing it near a window is good enough.

    It will also give you the added benefit of being able to soothe your skin should you get sunburned or develop a rash or other skin irritation.


    2. Peace Lily

    This plant thrives in warm, humid conditions with low light. Therefore, it is a perfect fit as a shower plant! Because this plant loves humidity, placing it near the shower or bath is a good location.


    3. Pothos

    Pothos is a favourite when choosing the best bathroom plants as this plant loves low light and humidity

    A favourite when choosing the best bathroom plants as this plant loves low light and humidity. The Pothos or Golden Pothos will also help create that luscious, jungle aesthetic with their twisting and intertwining tendrils that grow and spiral from the plant.

    It is also, therefore, a great option as a hanging plant for bathrooms.

    4. Bird’s Nest Fern

    Another excellent option to create that jungle-like, leafy aesthetic, the Bird’s Nest Fern is known to be relatively easy to keep alive indoors and loves extra moisture.

    Because it requires indirect light in moderation, it can be placed almost anywhere near a window. Just be sure not to put it directly on your window sill.


    5. Orchid

    Requiring a little more attention to detail, the Orchid can be fussy, so it is perhaps not the option for beginners when choosing the best bathroom plants. However, it is a tropical plant, after all, so it can thrive in your bathroom.

    Orchids prefer drier soil, so be mindful of watering as the higher humidity levels will already be in effect. Placing them on your window sill is best as they can tolerate brighter levels of indirect light.


    6. Snake Plant

    Snake plants thrive in humidity and can tolerate low to bright indirect light, so you can place them almost anywhere in your bathroom

    A fantastic option for beginners as this plant is not only stunning to look at, but it also requires little care and is almost impossible to kill. They thrive in humidity and can tolerate low to bright indirect light, so you can place them almost anywhere in your bathroom.


    7. Peperomia Angulata

    The Peperomia plant is another great option for a hanging basket. The Peperomia Angulata plant entices with its beautiful, intricately patterned leaves that coil and curl from the plant.

    They are also sturdy indoor plants that can withstand some neglect, so they are also a good option for beginners.


    8. Air Plant/Tillandsia

     As the name suggests, these plants need very little to be healthy. Only requiring submersion in some water now and then, they can pretty much thrive off humidity and air.

    Because of this, they are perfect for the bathroom. They also look stunning in hanging baskets or can be placed almost anywhere as they don’t need to be potted in any way.


    9. Calathea/Freddie

    Calathea can thrive with moderate indirect sunlight and loves humidity

    Entrancing one with beautifully patterned leaves that create a spiral-like effect, the Calathea can thrive with moderate indirect sunlight and loves humidity. It is, therefore, another great pick when looking at the best bathroom plants.


    10. Chinese Evergreen

    Flourishing with beauty and an adaptive nature, Chinese Evergreens are great for the bathroom. They can survive a little neglect, so if you travel often, these are an excellent pick.

    They can withstand low to high indirect sunlight and humidity. However, they can be sensitive to sudden temperature changes, so avoid leaving windows open for long periods.


    Get the Best Bathroom Plants Today 

    In conclusion, when looking at the best bathroom plants in terms of longevity, sustainability, and the ability to thrive without needing a lot of care, choosing plants that are native to more tropical environments is vital.

    Luckily, there are plenty of exquisite and charming options for bathroom plants that can handle the environment.

    These plants will also allow you to get creative with the aesthetic and feel of your bathroom. Add this to a bathroom design that suits your taste so you can find ultimate peace and relaxation when using the space.

    So, to wrap up, the best bathroom plants are those that can thrive in the more humid, darker area, and that will give you a sense of tranquility when starting and ending your days in this room.